H_iO Press

H_iO is an international, musical dj-project. the place of origin is vienna.
with the worldwide collaboration of artists of different genres,
all songs of misfit b. music are produced in vienna.

 H_iO is not only a music project. it is a new, digital branding with a combination of modernity,
timeless design and music. honest, positive, danceable music. 
spreading optimism, whether visual or auditory, has always been one of our main concerns.
"this is who we are, so you can feel"
the branding
H_iO is the definitive spelling. the branding is pronounced in the English spelling.
AITCH AYE O embodies the digital mainstream.
the logo does not only contain the 3 letters H, I, O. visually, it also results in a bass drum (kick). the kick is the motor of all music.
it stands for the continuous beat, for staying power without standstill, the driving force